Friday, May 23, 2008

People Failing To Exercise Despite Being Unhappy With Appearance

"Despite Feeling Unhappy With Their Appearance And General Health, 73 Per Cent Of The Public Are Failing To Exercise In Accordance With Government Guidelines On Exercise. A quarter are also unaware of what sort of foods they should be eating for good health, according to the survey by a European health and sports nutrition company. Of the 1,376 people polled, only 30 per cent exercised more than 2.5 hours a week, in line with government recommendations. A quarter of respondents said they put no time aside for exercise at all. Most (65 per cent) cited lack of time as the reason, however 40 per cent said they did not enjoy exercise and 32 per cent had ‘better things to do’. More than 40 per cent felt they ate too much while 24 per cent ate in accordance with others around them, particularly citing treats in the office as a problem for them.”

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