Thursday, May 15, 2008

Healthy Weight Is A Must For Heart Patients

“Overweight or obese people taking medications to cut heart disease risk can't benefit from drugs alone. They need to exercise regularly and maintain healthy weight. A study by researchers from Wake Forest University School of medicine in Winston-Salem, NC examined 6814 people aged from 45 to 84. From 60% to 85% of participants were overweight and from 30% to 50% were obese, depending on demographic group. These figures mean that obesity is an epidemic, affecting quality of life of most Americans. The study urges that people need to understand that pills can't help if they keep living an unhealthy life. Those overweight and obese will face heart risk despite of medications they take. This is why researchers urge the need of regular exercising and maintaining healthy weight before heart problems come to them, because it's easier to prevent a disease than to correct it.”

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