Friday, May 30, 2008

Hula Hoop Your Way To Weight Loss At Contours Express

“‘So many people say they feel like a kid again when they try the Hula Hoop,’ says Mags Reddington in Contours Express. But the hula hoop isn’t just a toy anymore. The Hula Hoop is a serious fat-burning tool, designed to use at home or in the club. Noticeably heavier than toy hula hoops, the strategically weighted hoop is easier to keep around your waist than a kid’s plastic hoop. Yet because it requires constant push-pull contractions in your core muscles (abs plus obliques), as well as in the glutes and thighs, the added resistance has a remarkable way of sculpting and reshaping in all the right places. All this takes hooping beyond a ‘craze’ and into the territory of a serious exercise method. Major fitness chains around the world have begun to offer regularly scheduled hooping classes. The benefits of Hula-Hooping are many. It is great for weight loss; it targets your middle (abdominal muscles, hips, and waistlines); it burns calories; it builds mobility, improves fitness, and is great for flexibility. Above all, Mags says, her Hula Hoop emphasises appreciating your body as is. ‘It goes beyond just wanting to change your physique. The goal is not only better fitness, but also improving the connection between your mind and body. These are movements proven to reduce stress and relieve chronic pain, but most importantly, this will give you a sense of peace and radiance.’”

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