Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another H.E.R.O. Waiting To Emerge

“Those of us who teach exercise and are involved in health and fitness love acronyms. Each of the past columns have been about the program called Turn Back the Clock or TBTC, as we commonly refer to it. It's a competition where teams of five people try to lose the most body age with the help of the staff of the Provena Saint Joseph Inwood Athletic Club. At the health club, we often name classes using acronyms, such as H.I.T. (high intensity training) or G.R.A.B. (gravity, resistance, abs and BOSU). Of course in that description is another acronym -- BOSU-- which means both sides up. A BOSU looks like a large, plastic ball that was sliced in half. One half is the dome side (DS); the other is the platform side (PF). That said, a person could participate in TBTC, take a H.I.T. class using a BOSU with the DS up. I want to introduce you to H.E.R.O., the acronym that was developed as a result of TBTC. We have heroes in each group that have undertaken this commitment of time, sweat and perseverance. But the idea that one person is more of a hero than the other is just not feasible. TBTC participants will tell you that this has been the greatest program to get them motivated to exercise, and as a result they feel better, improve their health and lose weight. They also will tell you working out with a team creates a positive exercise experience. From the experience of the six weeks on a TBTC team, the staff has given a lifetime of tools with the H.E.R.O. (health, education, responsible, ownership) system. Health - Trainers introduced participants to working out for improved health as the number one goal. Weight loss is often the motivator, and it is great to shed those pounds. But feeling better and increasing longevity is brought to the forefront in the experience. Education - Workouts always are planned out and explained to participants so they not only know how to perform an exercise, but what the benefit of the exercise is as well. A registered dietician comments right in each individual's journal each week. The comments address their eating habits and choices, whether good and bad. Responsible - The point is driven home that ultimately each individual is responsible for his or her own health. Participants have to show their responsibility to the team in showing up for the workouts and to be responsible for what they eat each day. Ownership - Participants take ownership in their own health. Ultimately, isn't that the only way that we can change something if we take ownership of it? Most people's lives are so busy, and we are often last on our own list. This has to stop if we want to succeed. So in essence, consider joining a TBTC team at the Provena Saint Joseph Inwood Athletic Club , learn the H.E.R.O. system, and take a G.R.A.B. class with a BOSU, DS up. You'll love it and be glad you did!”,4_5_JO25_TURNBACK_S1.article

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