Monday, February 9, 2009

Lacking Go-To-The-Gym Drive Is No Excuse For Not Exercising

During the winter a lot of us daily debate whether to go to the gym or to stay in bed. But even though staying inside is allowed, it's time to toss off the covers and figure out how to get a fitness routine cooking. Turns out that if you're having trouble with the recipe, you can even have it delivered. Yes, like pizza. ‘I just open the door, and she's there,’ marvels Kim Romary of McLean, Va., who asked her personal trainer ($89 to $95 an hour) to work out with her at her home after her knee surgery. If beside the pantry doesn't seem like the ideal spot for sweating, home-gym consultants can help you redecorate. Exercise physiologist Roger Yasin ( charges $150 an hour for in-home evaluations in his area. He has transformed his Arlington, Va., basement from a ‘dungeoneous’ den into a brightly lighted personal health club with hardwood floors, mirrored walls and just about any toy you might want to have in your exercise rotation (speed ladders, cones, medicine balls, kettlebells, a self-spotting machine, etc.). The hardest part of developing a small home gym is integrating cardiovascular training. Treadmills and the like are costly investments that tend to take up serious space, and cheap, portable options (such as jump ropes) are often a problem indoors, especially in apartments. Jenn Tung, co-owner of Goddess Fitness in Bethesda, Md., has another idea: a stripper pole. She started out in the fitness business teaching at people's homes with a single portable pole, and she still has it in her apartment to practice fancy spins and keep her muscles toned. Lin, who has a gym in his house, says he's much more likely to exercise at a gym to get a boost from other people's energy and to take advantage of the expanded options. Without someone knocking on your door, you might lack the motivation to go downstairs, let alone start on a set of bicycle crunches. And if there's a spouse or kids around, along with a ringing telephone, even the most well-intentioned exercisers may never actually get around to the planned routine.”

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