Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Health Care Businesses Offering Free Checks

"To celebrate American Heart Month, two businesses along the Randall Road corridor are teaming up to help local families take care of themselves. This month, Physicians Express and Tri-City Fitness, both just off of Randall Road on Main Street in St. Charles, are offering you free services to get your heart health on track. Physicians Express is offering free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings to everyone. ‘Early detection is the key to avoiding heart attack and stroke and these simple tests can help detect a problem before it becomes deadly,’ said Dr. Vimal Patel of Physicians Express. Anyone who visits Physicians Express this month also will receive a free trial membership at Tri-City Fitness, which has exercise equipment and offers classes such as yoga, Pilates, cardio jam and spin. The health club trial also includes a free overall health assessment with blood pressure screening, body composition and nutrition guidance. ‘The value of exercise for a healthy heart is indisputable,’ Patel said. ‘Studies not only show the benefits for the heart but also show exercise decreases chances for diabetes and for developing certain cancers.’ Sue Doherty of Physicians Express said the business thought the free screenings and membership might be especially beneficial to people right now. ‘With the economy, we've noticed people are letting themselves go. They don't have the money or the time and think they don't need it. We want to give them a jump start to help so they don't let themselves go or ignore a problem,’ Doherty said.”

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