Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gold's Gym Looking To Re-Enter Wichita Market

“Gold's Gym, which left the Wichita market in 2002 when its owner lost his lease, wants back in. Keith Albright, senior vice president of franchising for Gold's Gym, said he is ‘actively looking’ for franchisees in the area. ‘We think the Wichita market looks to handle four, maybe five, maybe six traditional Gold's Gyms,’ he said. Asked how Gold's Gym clients differ from people who are members of a health club such as the YMCA, Genesis Health Clubs or other existing facilities in Wichita, Albright said they're ‘pretty much the same kind of person.’ But he thought Gold's Gym still might find a foothold in Wichita because fitness facilities nationally have a 40 percent annual attrition rate. ‘We believe we've got the experience and the people... to help deliver a fitness experience that is measurably better’ than what competitors offer, he said. Albright said Gold's Gym was talking to "several people" about development opportunities in Wichita. He said the company takes two approaches with its franchises: a freestanding 25,000-square-foot facility that takes 18 to 24 months to open, and a smaller facility, such as might be found in a strip mall, that takes about 90 days. The Wichita Gold's Gym was at 7395 W. Central. It closed in July 2002, and Genesis Health Clubs took over its 1,000-member client list.”

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