Monday, February 9, 2009

Technogym To Showcase Wellness At Dubai International Boat Show

“Technogym will occupy a 30 square metre stand displaying its high end state of the art wellness on board equipment: Kinesis Personal, Spazio Forma, Wellness tools, Bike Excite and Flexability line. Christian Dietrich, Managing Director, Technogym Emirates, said: 'The ultimate frontier of wellness; a yacht with a gym onboard. Today, more and more yacht owners are installing gymnasiums on their boats in order to enjoy regular physical activity even during holidays or when staying aboard. Technogym, a leading company in the wellness and design sector, has perfected various solutions to meet all on onboard wellness requirements; from large yachts where space is not an issue, to smaller craft where basic workout equipment can be installed to offer a comprehensive training programme.' Kinesis Personal, the wall equipment developed by Technogym together with Antonio Cittero, can be built-in perfectly to the structure of any yacht and this one tool alone offers more than 400 exercises for developing strength, balance and flexibility. In terms of the space it occupies, Kinesis offers considerable advantages. When the equipment is not being used, for example, the arms can be closed to reduce the depth of the space it takes up by 50cm. Kinesis is also remarkably efficient in terms of weight as this solution substitutes a whole line of heavyweight lifting gear that would otherwise be necessary for a complete training programme.”

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