Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slimmers Still Ahead In Battle Of The Bulge

“Progression was on the menu for our Telegraph Slimmers as week eight came and went with yet more pounds shed. Collectively, 4.4lb was lost, as the 13-week schedule for our selected Slimmers – all on different diet plans – nears its completion. We can do it... the determined Telegraph Slimmers after the latest weigh-in at the Oasis Health Club. Four of our selected five each lost 1.1lb, leaving Emma Lynn, nutritionist and partner of Aqua Viva Health, delighted at the consistency being showed by the fantastic fivesome. She said: ‘I've been away on holiday for two weeks and it is absolutely fantastic to come back and see that they are consistently losing weight.’ ‘Again they have all lost weight, or at least stayed at the same level, which is great to see.’ At the weekly weigh-in at Grimsby's Oasis Health Club, the slimmers yet again faced the scales. Despite a hectic week for our Family Friendly Slimmer, 27-year-old Katie Ligertwood, of Grimsby's Baytree Avenue, it was still a success as she shed 1.1lb. She said: ‘It has been a very busy week because I have had the children off. But we have done lots of running and walking in the park so it has been a good week.’ Busy Bee teacher Sarah Worrell, of Filey Road, Grimsby, also lost 1.1lb – for the second week running. She said: ‘It has been another really good week.’ ‘I have bought some more gym gear and I have gone down two sizes so I am over the moon.’ Another to lose 1.1lb was Julie Hostad (52), of Fords Avenue, Healing, who is tackling the My Way plan. She said: ‘I'm really happy this week.’ ‘It is half-term so I have been to the gym every day, and it has been another good week.’ Socialite Paula Marrows (45), of Glebe Road, Scartho, was the fourth slimmer to lose 1.1lb. She said: ‘It has been another week of losing weight. We all seem to stay the same and nobody has put any on, so I'm happy.’ Staying the same weight was Sheila Patrick (68), of Grimsby's Yarborough Road, who follows the Just Me plan. She said: ‘I've done quite a lot of exercise but it seems I'm just on one level at the moment.’ ‘I am quite pleased to have stayed the same.’”


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