Monday, February 23, 2009

Handling Stress Brought On By the Economy

“In this economy, many have fears over losing a job, not being able to make payments, or evaporating retirement accounts. Dealing with all the worries can increase stress, if it isn't managed. To help you 'Survive in '09' there are some ways to cope with the worry over wealth. ‘When I'm working out, and pumping the weights, it makes me feel good mentally and physically,’ explained Mark Morgan. On most afternoons, you'll find the 26-year-old pumping iron at 24 Hour Fitness on Central Expressway in Dallas. ‘This is my place of comfort. I know that I'm not having to deal with bills when I'm here, I'm not having to deal with gas prices fluctuating when I'm here,’ Morgan said of his workout environment. ‘I'm able to deal with what's most important… my health, my life.’ Like many North Texans, Morgan is feeling the weight of the economy and working off a little stress. In fact, officials with 24 Hour Fitness say they have seen about a 15-percent increase in membership. "As you work out your body releases endorphins. It's a chemical process internally but as you're working out your body defuses itself where it becomes a lot more relaxed," explained 24 Hour Fitness Manager Omar Aguirre. Trainers say when you're relaxed and energized, you see the person in the mirror in a whole new light. Jassy Bigelow works out regularly and said, ‘You may be in a really bad position, may have lost your job, but if you have a clear mind, through exercise, it helps make things look a little more positive. It might make you a little more energetic, if you're out there looking for another job, another position, or seeing things in a totally different way.’”

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