Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweating Out The Job Search [Video]

“A new program offering both career advice and physical fitness is whipping eager job hunters into shape. NY1's Kafi Drexel filed the following report. With her job search just underway, Olivia Lee says her gym shoes may become just as powerful of a weapon as a firmly structured resume. After sitting through a career strategy seminar, the next step for Lee along with a bunch of other job seekers isn't to sweat it out in interviews just yet, but to break an actual sweat in an intense series of cardio drills. ‘You feel so much more confident. You just feel better about yourself. You look better. It just gives you a better feeling,’ said Lee. The ‘career workout’ day is all part of a joint effort between New York Sports Clubs and recruitment firm, Forrest Solutions whose experts say working out your body is just as important as working on your resume. ‘We really just wanted to be able to instil in people the importance of a healthy mind and body in this economic time of strife. And it's a really difficult time out there; a lot of depression, a lot of rejection, and it's just really somebody who really needs help to get more positive,’ said Amie Hoff, New York Sports Clubs. ‘Sometimes you get dejected in this economy. And they feel like, 'well, you know, it's hard to find a job.' And they wind up not working out, just laying back, and kind of getting out of shape with their resumes and their job search, and in their health,’ said Stefano Tromba, Forrest Solutions. Those involved in the workout/resume building combo say the reality of things these days is that looking for a new job is a lot like training for serious competition. And they're hoping what they're doing here will help give these guys a cut above the rest. ‘It just elevates your mindset. I think it energizes your body. It gets you, the confidence gets built up. It reduces your stress. And it also helps you when you go out on interviews,’ said Tromba. Four months on the job hunt, Trevoy Ross says he's hoping the mind/body connection of mixing career planning with challenging physical limits will help give him the edge he needs. ‘If normally you would stay at home and work on your laptop and your email, then if that worked in the past now with these all these job losses, its that many people doing the same things. So you have to do something different, get out there and pound the pavement. Come to something like this. That will work,’ said Ross.”


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