Friday, July 24, 2009

Feel The Beat - Heart Monitors Pound Out The Data To Help You Get The Most Out Of A Workout

“Looking for a workout buddy who's always available for a run, offers plenty of motivation and never leaves you in the dust? Forget your flaky gym pal and strap on a heart-rate monitor to give you the real inside track to fitness. Heart-rate monitors measure and record your heart rate while giving you instant feedback about the work level of your heart. The fitness of the heart is the key to aerobic endurance, and monitors are an effective aid for tracking and developing your progress on the path to increased fitness. ‘It's kind of like a tachometer in your car, which measures the RPMs of the engine and tells you how hard the engine is working,’ says Pete McCall, exercise physiologist with the San Diego-based American Council on Exercise. ‘The heart-rate monitor tells you how many beats per minute your heart is working, so you know how intensely you're exercising.’

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