Thursday, July 23, 2009

Osteoarthritis A Major Consequence Of Obesity Epidemic, Claims Charity In New Report

“Obese people are four times as likely to develop osteoarthritis of the knee as they are to develop high blood pressure or type-2 diabetes, according to a leading arthritis charity, launching a new online report on the subject. But whereas high blood pressure and diabetes may be substantially improved on losing weight and are relatively easy to control with therapy, the changes resulting from osteoarthritis are irreversible, as worn cartilage cannot currently be repaired. However, according to Professor Alan Silman, medical director of the Arthritis Research Campaign, there is good news for the obese and overweight whose knees become painful due to osteoarthritis as a result of their weight. ‘Research shows that losing weight, however modest, when combined with exercise, is a panacea at every stage,’ said Professor Silman. ‘Achieving a healthy weight reduces the risk of developing the disease in the first place, relieves existing symptoms and helps to prevent further deterioration. And weight loss and exercise has been shown to achieve the same level of symptom relief as joint replacement surgery.’”

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