Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schoolteacher and Pilates Instructor Says the Exercise's Benefits Extend to the Classroom

In America, Pilates' exercises and emphasis on the links between mental and physical health that helped prevent and heal injuries became popular among dancers in particular and women in general. Ashley Cooley, 32, of Corinth, a certified Pilates instructor and second-grade teacher at Hilltop Elementary in Argyle, has been taking the Pilates message to kids. Not only does she teach Pilates to her own 2-year-old, Zooey Bella, and 11-month- old, Quincy, at home, she has given free Pilates lessons to kids ages 7-10 during the school day for the last three years. She added a free after-school class at the start of 2009. She believes the program has helped them in many ways. ‘I have found it has an incredibly positive effect on my classes. They are more ready to focus and do better work after a series of Pilates exercises. The kids enjoy the routine and challenge,’ she said.‘As a teacher, I recognize and appreciate the effect it has on them, promoting calm and concentration.’


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