Monday, July 20, 2009

Health Care Reform Requires Attitude Change For All

“Until the mindset of America shifts dramatically, no health care reform bill will ever work. What has undermined our current health care system isn't a question of private vs. universal coverage. And it's not a question of how many diagnostic tests doctors should be ordering. It's a question of how we approach our health altogether and what we're willing to do to prevent disease in the first place. If health care reform is to work for America, each of us must take the reins and affect change – change within our own lives and change within our own communities. Change must happen within households across America; within small businesses and large corporations; within industry and the medical community; within the government; within neighborhoods nationwide – and within each of us. For the truth of the matter is that meaningful health care reform is a Rubik's cube of change. All the twistings and turnings don't spell success, and the cube isn't whole until all the parts are lined up correctly. Doctors, the health care industry, the government, the school system, the media, the hospitals, and parents all must come together in alignment around wellness, prevention, healthy lifestyles, and the promotion of exercise. And the hands that are shaping this cube have to be the individuals themselves. The time for change is about a generation overdue. America – and Americans – must reinvent how we live if we really want health care reform to work this time around. It will take all of us. And the time for action is now.”

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