Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turn A Job Loss Into A Health Gain

"So you've lost your job. As tempting as it might be to descend into an extended pity party, health experts suggest you turn the bad news on its heel instead. As they say in optimist circles: When life lands you in the unemployment line, get busy working. Those quads. Those abs. Those triceps. 'Look at this as an opportunity, not a loss,' suggested Liz Lonergan, co-owner of The Center For Body and Soul in Palos Heights. The recession may be taking a toll on the nation's workforce, but many newly displaced workers are taking advantage of the downtime to reverse the damage that a sedentary, vending-machine-packed lifestyle inflicted on their bodies. They may have lost their jobs, but they're determined to reclaim their health. And kudos to them. Scott Johnson is 25. Many of his contemporaries still can't find jobs, even though they graduated college a couple of years ago. So they've developed a different kind of work routine: They head to the health club each day and vent their stress. 'Exercise makes you feel better,' said Johnson, manager of Cardinal Fitness in Orland Park. 'It's a good way to get your mind off things and to feel like you're accomplishing something.' Even an hour or two walking the treadmill or lifting free weights can make a huge difference in your psyche, he said. 'Anything positive you can put into your life is good,' Johnson said. Exercise, said Lela Iliopoulos, will help you sleep better and thus control stress levels."


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