Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Excess to Exercise: Group Helps Men and Women Live Sober Through Sweat [video]

“More than 13 years ago, as Scott Strode was struggling to get his drinking and drug use under control, the gym in Boston where he boxed offered refuge. ‘All the guys in the gym were sober because they were training for fights,’ says Strode, 37. ‘It was a place I could go where I knew there wouldn’t be any pressure to use or drink.’ Now, a sober Strode is recreating the benefits of that safe space for others committed to living sober lives. He’s the founder of Phoenix Multisport, a Boulder, Colo.-based nonprofit that hosts more than 35 athletic activities a week, ranging from running to mountain climbing to biking to yoga, events free to anyone in the area who wants both a good workout and sober social network. There are no prayer groups or serenity chants at Phoenix, no chain smoking and coffee drinking."


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