Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Milwaukee Employers Strive For 'Well City' Designation

“Quarles & Brady has converted its old smoking lounge to a multitasking fitness station. A workstation with an adjustable desktop, a computer and Internet access is positioned over a treadmill that lets employees walk as fast as 2 mph while accomplishing such low-impact work tasks as managing e-mail or listening in on a Web conference. The hardest part is stepping off when you're done, says Tonya Tougas, who uses the law firm's Walkstation about once a week. ‘It's surprisingly easy to get into the rhythm of just walking and doing your normal work,’ says Tougas, Quarles' administrator of compensation and benefits. ‘Your upper body really isn't moving much, so you can type and read and do things that you would normally do. And you don't even think about your legs moving, to be honest with you.’ Quarles has offered this form of exer-work or work-ercise for about eight months to its 483 Milwaukee employees. More recently, it installed two such stations in its Chicago office, where it has 120 employees."


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