Wednesday, July 15, 2009

San Mateo County Fitness Centers Stay Afloat During Economic Storm

“Given the dismal state of the economy, it may be surprising to hear that gyms and weight-loss programs in San Mateo County have managed to survive the downturn with their client bases intact. But though people often consider canceling their gym memberships when they lose a job or look to do some belt-tightening, many Peninsula fitness centers continue to see their members stream in to burn calories and release endorphins. ‘We have been very lucky that the recession has not hit us very hard,’ said Kelly Murray, manager of Equinox, an upscale fitness center in downtown San Mateo, adding that membership has actually increased in recent months. The common wisdom is that people need to exercise to maintain both their physical and mental health, and a survey of local gyms and fitness centers indicates that area residents have taken the message to heart. This is good news for the health and fitness branch of the local economy, which is fairing better than other sectors during what may be the worst recession since the Great Depression.”

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