Thursday, July 30, 2009

SNEWS Celebrates 25 Years Of Fitness With Industry Commentary, Vintage Photos

“A silver anniversary is nothing to gloss over, and the fitness industry has plenty to celebrate -- yes, even in times of adversity and economic hardship. Take a moment to realize it is indeed very youthful as far as industries go, and then just look at all it has accomplished in the last 25 years. When SNEWS® realized this year was its own 25th year as a news source, we decided it was a great time to also celebrate 25 years of fitness. OK, so we chose 1984 as a relatively arbitrary point for fitness, but before that there wasn’t much to speak of, other than Muscle Beach, and we found that the industry has evolved greatly since then. And what better way to celebrate 25 years of an industry than to talk to those futurists who opened stores, built gyms in their garages and tinkered with ergonomics in 1984 -- or even before in some cases -- to showcase what has been accomplished and what is on the horizon. In the SNEWS 2009 Fitness magazine, just out July 27, you’ll find a feature story with vintage photos from two to three decades ago, plus words from those who lived it 25 years ago. But that’s just the start: We have pages and pages of additional copy and even more photos online. You won’t want to miss it once you’ve taken a look at the new, all-digital 2009 magazine.”

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