Friday, November 13, 2009

91-Year-Old Still Fit To Teach Exercise Class

“Eleanore Miller is 91. And she loves to exercise. ‘It keeps you alive,’ she says. The Hacienda Heights woman shares her passion with students at 24 Hour Fitness in Whittier, where she still teaches a weekly morning exercise class. ‘I learned all I know from Jack LaLanne,’ Miller said, ‘I watched him all the time on television.’ The local fitness buff said she's been teaching for the past 37 years. She missed class only once, when she broke her leg. ‘Her students love her,’ said David Drachand, manager of the fitness club. ‘They're always telling me how great she is. They're friends in and out of the club. They took her to breakfast on her birthday.’ ‘Eleanore is an amazing person,’ he said. ‘She'll come in early for her class so she can help everyone out. The other day I saw her talking to a young man about the importance of exercise. I think he was very impressed," Drachand said. ‘We're all hard pressed to keep up with her.’”

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