Monday, November 9, 2009

Bettering Your Body and the World

“Adrienne Spahr smelled something funny every time she worked out at Vida Fitness, a swanky health club at Verizon Center. But the founder of Green Living Consulting wasn't laughing. She knew that the offending odor came from noxious chemicals in the cleaning products. ‘And that was not okay,’ she says. So Spahr approached the general manager with a proposal to give the gym an eco-makeover. A year later, things are in much better shape: High-wattage light bulbs have been swapped for compact fluorescents, recycling receptacles are prominently displayed and the janitors use all-natural products. Those practices have spread to the two other Vida locations, and owner David von Storch is aiming for LEED Platinum certification for the forthcoming U Street club by overhauling the building: Plans call for heat generated from exercisers to help warm the water for the showers and rooftop pool, and rainwater will find new life in the club's toilets and urinals..."

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