Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interactive Fitness Holdings® Announces Itself

“Interactive Fitness Holdings® (“IFH”), announced that it had acquired the assets and intellectual property of Expresso Fitness as part of a larger strategy to acquire, organize and deliver a wide range of interactive fitness solutions to commercial customers. These products are being re-launched as the Expresso line by Interactive Fitness Holdings. ‘Products like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution have demonstrated a large and growing consumer market for interactive fitness products and services,’ said Bill Stensrud, Chairman of IFH. ‘The commercial market is just as exciting but lacks a compelling range of products with sound financial support; IFH will bring breakthrough solutions to commercial fitness facilities in the US and around the world.’ ‘Acquiring the Expresso technology is the first step,’ Bill continued. ‘Expresso built a disruptive product line which was embraced with great enthusiasm by the commercial market. This is a terrific platform on which to build.’”


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