Monday, November 9, 2009

Corporate Wellness Programs Show Strength In Downturn

Jimmy Mak, senior vice president of Larry North Fitness and manager of the Fort Worth and Southlake clubs, says he sees the benefits to employees from such programs first hand nearly every day. ‘I hear it all time from someone who starts on the program,” Mak said. ‘The effects are cumulative. After a few weeks they come up and say, ‘I feel great.’ ‘For a lot of our members, no matter what kind of exercise program they do, I think the biggest level is not the visual results – that may come in time – but how much better they feel. They tend to sleep better at night, are more productive and make conscious food decisions that keep them consistent in the program.’ Larry North Fitness originally opened its downtown Fort Worth location 11 years ago to offer a corporate fitness program for Carter-Burgess (now Jacob Engineering) employees. It serves several downtown businesses as part of its corporate wellness program.”...

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