Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Attack of the Clones: The Rise of Standardized Group Exercise

“No matter what gym you're in, a treadmill will operate basically the same way. Ditto for a set of hand weights. But when you walk into a group exercise studio for the first time, there's usually no way of really knowing what you're going to get -- and that's a problem for the folks in charge, who want to ensure you'll never leave bored or frustrated. ‘Group exercise is about members, not the instructor. If the name of the class is the same, no matter who's up there, it should be the same class,’ says Adriane Morgan, group fitness director for the local Vida chain ( So, in the past few months she's introduced Group Centergy, Group Step, Group Power, Group Kick and Group Groove. It's the D.C.-area debut for the programs developed by Body Training Systems (BTS), an Atlanta-based company that gives instructors new music, moves and teaching techniques every three months, freeing them to focus on the experience.”

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