Friday, November 13, 2009

Is Cardio Over? Strength Training Climbs List Of Fitness Trends

“‘Strength training,’ which is workout-speak for lifting weights, isn’t just for those who want to bulk up. More people are incorporating it into their existing routines, or in some cases going with an all-weight workout. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, strength training is moving from the men’s-only realm to women and ‘average exercisers.’ In its fourth annual survey of top fitness trends for the coming year, strength training is No. 2, up from fourth the past two years and sixth in 2007. What does this mean? More people are using weights and weight-machines not to get ripped, but simply stay in some semblance of shape, the ACSM says. And ‘it is not uncommon for cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, or metabolic disease management programs to include some form of weight training in the exercise prescription.’ Brad Davidson, who runs the Synergy Sports Institute in Costa Mesa, isn’t surprised that strength training is climbing the rankings. He specializes in it, and he believes cardio workouts and aerobics aren’t as efficient at reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass as strength training. ‘The best results come from heavy strength training,” said Davidson, whose clients turn over tractor tires and perform other old-fashioned techniques as part of his ‘country strong’ program.”

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