Monday, November 9, 2009

Fitness When You Want It

“For those who work beyond the normal 9-5, just getting to the gym can be a workout. For those late-night gym rats, there’s a club with their name on it, and the door is always open. Anytime Fitness, set to open in the Brick Kiln Plaza this December, offers a feature unique among gyms, yet one perfectly catered to those with a longer-than-average workday - a 24-hour facility. Owner Wade Winters said it is this feature that has allowed Anytime Fitness to expand to over 1,200 locations in the United States. He said the open-door policy is perfectly suited to those with long workdays, such as police officers, firefighters and restaurant owners. ‘It’s for those that have odd hours,’ said Winters. ‘We provide that type of convenience.’ Winters said Anytime Fitness will be an adult-only facility, though exceptions may be made if younger members want to join. He said the goal is to create the “club culture” environment, where members feel relaxed and comfortable. The club has a much smaller footprint than most gyms, only 3,000 square feet, which Winters said helps add to the atmosphere often seen at other Anytime Fitness locations. ‘We want you to feel like Norm from Cheers,’ Winters said.”

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