Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everlast Tries To Get Back In The Fight

…”The important thing for us is not to just be 100 years old, but to be relevant,’ says Everlast President Adam Geisler, who was promoted to the top job in March 2008 after seven years in marketing with the company. That means celebrating the company's centennial with an Ali Collection, a catalogue of gloves, headgear, heavy bags and other equipment targeted to fitness fiends who prefer boxing as part of a workout regimen. It also means a partnership deal with health club chain 24 Hour Fitness to promote shadow boxing as a workout routine, with veteran pro Shane Mosely as chief demonstrator. Then there's the onrushing wave of Mixed Martial Arts, which Everlast has been smart enough to embrace rather than resist. A viral video campaign, ‘What are you Fighting For?’ is scheduled to launch soon on Twitter and Facebook.”


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