Monday, August 16, 2010

Technogym Offers New Workout Equipment

“Technogym has introduced Crossover, a workout equipment which provides a complete upper and lower body training and ensures maximum glutes activation. Thanks to a simple and converging lateral movement, Crossover is easy to use and engages muscles that are not normally called upon by conventional machines, said a company statement. Complete muscle activation allows to optimise calories burning and, at the same time, to tone up legs and glutes. The dynamic, smooth, enjoyable movement offers a core intensive workout helping to optimise balance and coordination. Crossover is ideal for any user, at any performance level, guaranteeing a safe workout without stressing joints, it said. ‘Exciting and absorbing, it allows a fixed-stride cyclical exercise and completes the Technogym Excite+ line with ‘Lateral Total Body,’ making it the most complete Cardio line in the world,’ said the statement.”

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Technogym said...

I'm Giulia from technogym Italy. For further information about crossover you can have a look at this page: and watch this emotional video:
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