Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exercise Makes Even More Sense As You Grow Older

“Geneva Lindsay works out six days a week to stay healthy, to maintain muscle, to keep the pounds off and because ‘I look in the mirror and I see something good. And I feel good.’ And whether you're 24 or, like Lindsay, 74, those reasons make sense. In fact, the older we are, the more exercising makes sense. Falling, for example, is a major hazard. Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths and serious injuries in people over age 65, a third of whom fall each year. Exercise can prevent falls by improving the ability to regain balance. Common health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity also benefit from exercise. Lindsay does her best to avoid all those. Six days a week, she's at Genesis Health Club's West 13th location at 5 a.m., waiting for the door to open. She works out about 2 ½ hours a day. ‘I love it,’ she says. ‘And it's good for me.’ Genesis offers FitLife classes for members who are 50 and older. ‘We don't want to call them seniors, because I don't think they really are seniors,’ says Lindsey Hagen, public relations director for Genesis. ‘We really want to cater to the baby boomers. We're really trying to go after the 50-plus market.’”


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