Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweat Etiquette

“Whether you are well known around the gym floor or just starting out your membership, there are guidelines everyone should abide by when using the facility’s equipment or services. Even in a place where profuse sweating, little clothing and grunting are perfectly acceptable, etiquette in the gym is still important, experts say. Show your respect for others by following some simple rules, as mentioned by gymgoers and Sports Barn employees. Clean equipment when complete. Imagine getting ready to use the leg press, only to find a puddle of sweat on your seat. It appears that the guy who ran around the track for 40 minutes before heading to the machine forgot to clean up after himself. To keep gym equipment sanitary, employees at the Sports Barn and other gym establishments ask visitors to get a towel or cloth and wipe off the machine once they are finished using it. ‘You want it to look the way you would have wanted it (to look) when you came walking up to it,’ said Bob Merz, assistant operations manager for the Sports Barn downtown."

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