Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Small Changes Can Mean Big Savings on Healthcare Costs

“In a tough economy, everyone needs to cut back on unnecessary expenses and save money wherever possible. Healthcare is often one of the largest expenses a family faces, but there are ways to cut healthcare costs without shortchanging your health. Don't ditch your gym membership. While it may seem like an easy cost to cut each month, losing the membership to the gym can be counterproductive. Check with your health plan and visit SnapFitness.com to find out how you may be able to save money on your gym membership through your insurance provider. Many doctors estimate that at least 60 percent of office visits are because of stress. Additionally, medical costs for people who are obese can be at least 25 percent higher than those who are not obese. Because of this, many health insurance providers offer discounts and reimbursements on your membership to help ensure you get healthy and stay healthy.


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