Friday, May 8, 2009

Parisi Speed School Cat Club Challenge

“How good an athlete are you? Come and find out at the Parisi Speed School’s Cat Club Challenge. Participants will go through a series of five performance tests that evaluate sprinting, jumping, change of direction, strength and endurance. Athletes should take advantage of this opportunity to see where they rank in terms of speed and strength. Each participant is scored and awarded a Cat Club Pin and Certificate base on their performance. The Cat Club Challenge is open to boys and girls ages 7-18. The Cat Club Challenge is free. Call the Cedardale front desk to reserve your spot. The Parisi Speed School, a national franchise with over 40 sites in 22 states, has trained over 100,000 athletes ranging from recreational youth athletes to Olympic Gold/Silver medalists and professionals in the NFL, MLB, NBA and WNBA. These unique, cutting-edge training methods are now available at the Parisi Speed School located at Cedardale Health & Fitness in Haverhill. Training sessions are offered to youngsters of all ability levels starting at age 7 and continuing through high school and college level. Parisi’s training methods focus on empowering athletes to improve their athletic performance by targeting speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, agility and self-confidence. Group training sessions are offered weekday afternoons and evenings, as well as Saturday mornings. Special sessions can be arranged for team training at Cedardale or at your team’s facility/field. All instructors are trained/certified in Parisi Speed School training methods.”

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