Friday, May 15, 2009

Fitness Trends May Be Shifting

“There's some good news for people who work out at Sioux Empire Fitness in Sioux Falls, which had its business license pulled earlier this month. The buildling's landlord says the club will reopen at 9:00 Friday morning under new ownership and management. While the big fitness clubs are usually busy places, the fitness world may be changing. ‘When you are competing with the big Avera's and Sanford's, same style of that gym, it's competition. We have created a style of gym that's 24 hour fitness; people that don't want swim pools, racquetball and basketball courts and we feel that's the direction this industry has swung,’ Tom Tryon with Tryon Gym said. Some believe there's a growing taste for smaller gyms and few amenities. Fitness 19 is tucked into a strip mall in southwestern Sioux Falls. There are no locker rooms or showers, no pool or basketball courts.

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