Friday, May 29, 2009

Movement Constant At The Gym

In nine years of operating the Cowra Health Club, owner Graham Parker has seen a lot of changes. Through six years of drought and now recession, his commitment to giving Cowra the best health and fitness experience possible hasn’t wavered. Graham marks the club’s ninth anniversary next week and says the high standard of the club and the provision of service is really thanks to Cowra. ‘It’s made possible thanks to the loyalty and support of our members and Cowra. We had 100 members before we even opened our doors on the first day,’ Graham said. ‘We now have 800 members and our next target is 1,000.” The gym has evolved and one major aspect he’s noticed is, in a busy world, the club is becoming a meeting spot. ‘People are using the gym to catch up with friends, especially if they are short of time.’

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