Monday, May 18, 2009

Obesity Charity Launches First Awareness Week

“The country's pre-eminent obesity charity, the National Obesity Forum is staging its first consumer awareness week in November this year. National Obesity Week, (NOW!)is an initiative to raise awareness of personal weight status. While the obesity epidemic increases, research* has highlighted that nearly half of adults have an inaccurate picture of their own weight. Dr David Haslam, National Obesity Forum (NOF) Chairman and Clinical Director explains: ‘We recognise that before an individual can choose to make changes to their lifestyle, they must first really know if they have a weight problem. Our aim is to find and support the half of the population that believe that their weight 'is about right', but are in danger of developing serious health problems or perhaps are already not enjoying the benefits of good health.


armouris said...

info on obesity here - Obesity Opens Death's Door

Paul said...

Yes, obesity is a very complex disease and awareness of having the problem is just one of the symptoms. I do not think the obesity problem can be solved by changing eating habits, such as lowering calorie intake when the American food supply is so poor; that is like pouring gasoline on a fire. The nutrition they need is not in the food they are eating due to poor farming methods, irradiation, pasteurization, over refining, GMF's and poor food choices and handling at home. The obese are eating empty calories so they crave more trying to fill a nutritional hole that cannot be filled by the food they eat. They tend to have less energy, more diseases and be on more medications. Expecting them to exercise more and eat less of a poor product is ludicrous. This problem has to be solved at its root food supply and education. Almost any disease you can name today is at an epidemic stage; take any disease you can think of do a search with the word epidemic added to it and you will find that most are at the 1 in 4 number. What surprises me is that the medical establishment with all of its money and power is doing nothing, zero. They should be shaking this country to its foundations over this health emergency. They say they are investigating genetics as a possible cause, that blames the person again and not the cause. Since when does the genetics of the people of an entire country change within a matter of years so that we get these numbers, ridiculous. Paul