Friday, January 8, 2010

Finding the Core of Fitness

“Gym enthusiasts looking for high-tech equipment, or to find their next date at the water cooler, need not apply to Rich Decker’s exclusive fitness club, Studio 89. But for those looking for privacy and Decker’s personally-designed exercise regimen, which has more to do with developing long-term strength and fitness than mastering the newest equipment, Studio 89 might be the perfect fit. Studio 89, located discretely, without signage, on Clay Pit Road in Sag Harbor is not Decker’s first foray into the fitness world. He was the founder of three East End gyms under the title of the American Fitness Factory with locations in Southampton, Sag Harbor and Cutchogue. Decker sold the gyms 13 years ago, continuing his work locally as a personal trainer before deciding to open Studio 89 – a gym built around his philosophy about personal training rather than what equipment may be the most trendy...

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