Monday, January 11, 2010

Health Clubs Feel The Annual Burn

“With people resolving to get fit and healthy in the new year, fitness centers in Gloucester County are seeing a spike in memberships. But, will they last? ‘Pretty much every year, gyms see an increase in January because the average male puts on eight to 12 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day and the average female can put on between 12 and 18,’ said Tyler Rooney, general manager of LA Fitness in Woodbury Heights. ‘In the winter, people can layer up, but by now they're realizing that spring is on the way and trying to get back in beach body shape.’ Rooney says the motivation comes in many forms - whether it's someone coming in who wants to take classes, use the pool or just work out on the cardio equipment. ‘I advise people to start healthy eating habits first,’ the manager said. ‘And signing up with a spouse or a friend is always an awesome suggestio

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