Monday, January 18, 2010

Fitness Franchiser Gets Real Workout

“When Robert Shapiro and his partners decided to franchise their fitness concept two years ago, they took the conventional route and advertised in all the right places. It worked great, for a while. Then the recession hit and the credit crunch came. Dozens of people are still interested in the idea of opening a personal training boutique under the name of One2One or starting an upscale health club called BodyScapes, but deals aren’t happening. ‘People would do it tomorrow, but they can’t get funding, so we’ve hit a roadblock,’ Shapiro said. ‘What we’ve seen happen is that the credit market has completely dried up.’ Usually, a company finds someone to buy a franchise and that person finds a location and sets up shop. Instead, Shapiro and his partners are hand picking locations and then looking for...

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