Thursday, January 21, 2010

Michelle Obama Calls For Fight Against Child Obesity

“First lady Michelle Obama called on the nation's mayors Wednesday to do their part in combating child obesity, a problem she called an epidemic and an economic threat. ‘This isn’t something that will be fixed by just a bill in Congress or an executive order from the president. And I know that the last thing you all need right now is a bunch of commands from Washington or a ton of red tape that makes it hard for you to get anything done at all,’ she said to a group of 250 mayors at the National Conference of Mayors in Washington. ‘Ultimately, it’s going to take all of us — businesses and nonprofits; community centers and health centers; teachers and faith leaders; coaches and parents; and particularly all of you, our nation’s mayors — all working together to help families make common-sense changes so our kids can get, and stay, healthy.’...

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