Thursday, January 14, 2010

Health Clubs See Jump In Business [video]

“For at least one industry, January's the best month of the year: the health-club business. Membership at workout clubs normally jumps 12 percent as New Year's resolution season kicks in -- but more and more clubs are struggling to keep those members come July or December. A perfect example of the January boom is Susanna Locke, 24, of Watertown, a social-work graduate student at Simmons College who started a membership at Evolve Fitness in Cambridge on Jan. 6. She had been working out at Simmons but was attracted by a promotional deal to join Evolve, where her goal this year is ‘hoping to get a little bit more toned.’ Joe Moore, CEO of the health club trade group IHRSA, says, ‘January is by far the best month of the year for health clubs.’ IHRSA finds club memberships jump on average 12 percent every January. In this industry, the big challenge is making sure that the people who come in January are still here in July or December -- or haven't gone to competitors.”

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