Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Study Finds Friendship May Help Stem Rise Of Childhood Obesity

“Parents are acutely aware of the influence of friends on their children's behavior -- how they dress, how they wear their hair, whether they drink or smoke. A new laboratory-based study has shown that friends also may influence how much adolescents eat. Our findings underscore the importance of considering the child's social network in studying youth's motivation to eat,’ says Salvy, a member of the Department of Pediatrics in UB's School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.’ ‘There is emerging evidence that a youth's social network may be uniquely relevant and influential to eating behavior and choice of activities,’ she continues. ‘These findings, and the work of others, imply that decreasing sedentary behavior and increasing active leisure activities may require meaningful relationships with friends, as friendship may help to promote or 'socialize' active lifestyles.’”

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