Friday, January 22, 2010

Joining A Gym? Read The Fine Print First

“Ed Siegal was surprised when a $25 ‘enhancement fee’ from Gold’s Gym in West Roxbury was deducted from his bank account in early January. Although Siegal said he has been trying to cut back on spending, his objection to the fee was not about the money. He had cancelled his membership to the gym in November.Or so he thought. When Siegal (who works for the Transcript’s parent company, Gatehouse Media) called Gold’s to ask about the charge, he was told he was still a member. If he wanted to cancel, he would have to send a certified letter to the club’s billing company, ABC Financial Services Inc., headquartered in Sherwood, Ark. He acknowledged that there had been a clause in his contract about cancellation, but said he had misplaced the paperwork. Siegal is not alone in his frustration — an...

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