Monday, May 4, 2009

At 82, Trainer Richard Commins Can Exercise Circles Around People Far Younger

“At 82, trainer Richard Commins can exercise circles around people far younger Don't call Richard Commins ‘spry,’ that condescending adjective frequently attached to any older adult who is ambulatory enough to get out and do something. OK, but what do you call an 82-year-old who – when not working in his lush yard or repairing the roof of his Arden Arcade home – is pumping iron, puffing away through push-ups and pull-ups, revving up the elliptical machine, working those core muscles and maintaining balance on a trampoline? Answer: Personal trainer..."

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Patty Lehn said...

How inspirational! Journalist Lee Bergquist also just published a book and started a Web site about people like Richard: