Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Four Weeks To Achieving A Summer Body

"Summer may be quickly approaching, but in just four weeks you can get your body ready for shorts, sleeveless tops and the dreaded swimsuit -- starting today. Dale and Jill Robertson, local personal fitness consultants and trainers with Anytime Fitness, have designed four weekly workouts that can be done easily from home or at the gym to get you on the road to fitness. You'll find the first week's workout below. Although four weeks may not be enough time to completely transform you body, according to Jill, it is enough time to see a significant change in muscle tone and body shape. ‘Getting started is the hardest part,’ she said. ‘But if you will do each of the workouts consistently, you will establish a habit that can transform your body and your life. As personal trainers Dale and Jill have a desire to empower people to live a healthy lifestyle. By implementing a healthy diet and regular exercise, Dale said ‘you can expect to see a significant difference in your appearance, health and lifestyle.’.."

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