Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Many Places To Be Fit, Healthy In Sac

"Summertime is also a time to be healthy and active - staying fit is very important in today's society. Some Sacramento State students have gotten accustomed to eating fast food and drinking excessive amounts of beer on the weekends - or even during the week. Zack McWilliams, graphic design major, said that he drinks with his friends to relax from school. ‘I never really think about the calories I intake, I just drink to be social,’ McWilliams said. Should students really be thinking about their health? Staying fit is very important when it comes to being healthy. Sac State students have many opportunities to stay active and stay fit. Amanda Johnson, manager of Zuda Yoga Studio, said many Sac State students come to Zuda to get away from exams and papers. The studio offers a variety of different classes that are 75 minutes each. At Zuda, students and others are able to sweat off their stress and problems and receive a good workout while doing it. ’This is great for students because they tend to have a hectic work schedule. If you commit to it and stay with it, you will get a full cardio workout,’ Johnson said. The studio offers 37 different classes with a student rate of $12-$16 per class, depending on which class you take...."

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