Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Economic Impact Of New Year's Resolutions

“For many, a new year means resolving to improve. In Regina, there are options to help make resolutions realities. Tanya Shkopich, regional manager of California Fitness, said staff at the company's three Regina gyms always see increases in guest participation and in new memberships after the calendar is new. The gyms have specials at this time of the year to encourage new folks to visit. ‘Obviously, quite a few motivated people are walking through the door having New Year's resolutions and goals they'd like to achieve,’ she said. ‘Some people do stick around. You do get some of the people that come for a few months, but then they start to dwindle.’ Anyone new to one of the three gyms will be taken through a quick, full-body workout in order to become familiar and comfortable with all of the equipment. They will be provided a program. ‘Seek a professional for optimum results,’ added Shkopich, noting personal training is available at all the facilities.”

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